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The low-stress guide to working from home

02 /Looking after your mental wellbeing during lockdown

Being stuck indoors is not something we're used to. Gone are the days we're desperate for a 'weekend off' and instead, a trip to the supermarket has become a big day out.

It's no secret that throughout these next few weeks, our wellbeing is likely to be impacted. However, there are ways to practice self-care when working from home...

Stay Connected

You might not be able to 'pop round' anywhere or meet in the pub for a few but those touchpoints with loved ones and colleagues are vital to staying connected to the world around you.

Be sure to check-in with your colleagues regularly and arrange video calls with family and friends - host a quiz, have a virtual cheese and wine night or simply all sit and watch a film together. 

Microsoft Teams
Google Hangout Meet

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Set Boundaries

When you're not in the office, it's easy to slip into habits such as working late into the evening. In order to maintain a healthy balance, put clear boundaries in place so that there is a distinction between the hours you need to work and the time you have to yourself.

Physical boundaries between your workspace and the rest of the house are important too. Avoid using spaces you use to relax on an evening as the two can get blurred very easily which makes it harder to switch off and can lead you to feel very closed in. 

Consider these things for a productive workspace

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Keep moving

Although it might not seem it, the ability to step outside to get in some exercise and fresh air is a luxury. Many other countries cannot do this so it's important to really make the most of it. 

Whether it's a walk around your local park, a HIIT workout from your garden or some morning Yoga, getting some exercise AND fresh air will make a huge difference to the way you feel.

Joe Wicks has loads of quick and easy workouts
Find What Feels Good hosts lots of Yoga sessions to follow at home

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Take breaks

Just as you would if you were in work, make sure you give yourself a well-deserved break. Step away from your desk and head outside for some fresh air and grab a healthy lunch. It will make the afternoon feel less of a chore and motivate you until the end of the day. 

You can also use these breaks to get some housework ticked off, prepare the evening meal or spend time with your kid(s). It's rare we get a chance to do this so use it to your benefit!

Jamie Oliver has been sharing recipes using store cupboard essentials
The Pomodoro technique is a way of boosting productivity 

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Clear your space of clutter

Ensuring your workspace and the area around you is clean and tidy will help you work more effectively. Any sort of clutter will likely distract you. Make time in the morning to clean the kitchen, put away any laundry and wipe down your desk area.

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