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How to take the campus experience online

04 /Gather relevant existing resources

University websites and social media pages are usually jam-packed with information—reports, articles, images, videos. A common complaint we hear from students is that there’s so much information, they don’t know where to look or what to pay attention to.

This makes your job much more straightforward!

With a clear understanding of your audience, you’re able to search through existing content put out by your university and bring these resources together to help provide relevant information. Put yourself in the role of a prospective student (or even ask some current students to do this for you) and see what you can find online.

The University’s website should be your first port of call, but search engines like Google can be a good starting point too. Search on YouTube for video-related content and search commonly used hashtags for your university on social media channels to find relevant resources. 

Once you’ve gathered everything that’s out there, link different sources of information to the five (or more) different areas of student interest identified previously. It’s like a Michelin-starred chef preparing their ingredients before cooking—getting everything ready in little dishes before creating a delicious meal for the diners that evening

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