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How to take the campus experience online

02 /Establish your team

An open day, virtual or otherwise, is a huge undertaking and needs buy-in from key departments all across the University.

An online open day experience should involve the same departments involved in ‘real-life’ open days, however, it’s important to remember that this may be a new way of working for many people. Taking the time to explain and help them understand what you’re aiming to achieve and the benefits it will offer them is the first step to getting their buy-in. Their support is essential in bringing everything together successfully.

You’ll also need a core team of people to help develop your open day, which may involve some different skills from ‘real-life’ events. For example, if you want to feature live streaming as part of your open day experience, you should seek the support of IT to ensure you’ll have a reliable internet connection on the day.

Third-party providers can offer innovative solutions if nothing can be found ‘in house’.

The most important elements of your core team are passion and dedication. You’re about to embark on something new and exciting, dipping into a world that’s constantly evolving and full of opportunity. You’re starting the journey of putting together a fantastic online tool to give the best first impression to your prospective students and kick-start their university experience.

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