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How to make students listen to COVID-19 comms

02 /What are students’ concerns about COVID-19 and how can you help?

On the flip side of this conversation, there are lots of students who are concerned and anxious about the coronavirus outbreak. Many now are stuck in their halls of residence, far from their families and have very little space to exercise and unwind. 

Under these circumstances, it’s important to make sure that students’ mental wellbeing needs are addressed, ensuring they have adequate support from the university.

  • Clearly signpost the support that’s available from University Support Services

Ensure students know how and when they can access this support and specify the kind of support this service can help with, whether that’s feeling anxious, depressed or simply missing home. Regularly repeat this messaging as students’ wellbeing can fluctuate over time and initial messaging around support could be ignore if students feel they don’t need it.

  • Focus on the mind as well as the body

Alongside university support, there are lots of apps and resources that focus on looking after your mental and physical wellbeing:

Buddhify is all about meditation wherever you are, and is focussed on providing moments of calm whether you’ve got 5 minutes or 50. It provides content that’s focussed on certain scenarios such as ‘not being able to sleep,’ ‘feeling ill,’ or ‘dealing with stressful situations.’ 

Headspace offers a whole range of different services for feeling calmer and sleeping better. The app encourages you to keep up your meditation journey by tracking your progress day by day.

Joe Wicks does a series of home workouts on his YouTube channel which are great for exercising in a small space with no equipment. He also does this video which is specifically for low noise (so no jumping around or disturbing other flatmates)