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How to make students listen to COVID-19 comms

01 /Changing some students’ perceptions of COVID-19

Current medical suggestions around COVID-19 is that young people are affected the least by the disease, leading some students to play down the seriousness of catching the coronavirus, likening it to the severity of fresher’s flu.

It’s clearly vital to change the opinion and actions of students who aren’t taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously to avoid the spread of the disease and apply with the Government’s recommendations for social distancing. But how?

  • Show that the coronavirus can affect everyone in different ways

We’ve been collecting student stories from around the world on how the coronavirus outbreak has affected people. 

The video below is a story from a young, healthy adult who contracted the virus and talks about how badly it affected him. Feel free to share this in private with specific students or on any social media accounts you run, but be mindful of how it may affect those who are already nervous or anxious about the situation.

  • Show how the virus can spread via people who aren’t observing social distancing

Everyone has a role to play to stop the virus spreading and students are a unique demographic that can be in contact with a large group of people in a short space of time.

This gif explains the situation in a really easy to understand way:

Coronavirus illustrations for The Spinoff by Toby Morris and Siouxsie Wile

  • Reinforce the ‘Stay home, stay safe’ message through your communication channels

The more students see messaging around maintaining social distancing, the more likely their actions will change.

Use www.tenor.com to find gifs around social distancing and stay home, stay safe messaging you can use in your communication to students.